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On this page we want to show some relevant and interesting items of The Society's history. We will be adding to this page as we find more items of note. If you have or can supply any interesting articles please let the Society know.

Origin, Aims and Objects

This pamphlet was written and published by RNEBS General Secretary, R.H.Crick, in March 1962. Click on the icon below to open up the 4 page pdf document in a new tab. Unfortunately the scan is a tad blurred but the text can be read with a bit of patience. If anyone happens to have a copy of this pamphlet, I would be obliged if you can sent it me for scanning. I will of course return it to the sender.

Royal Navy Casualties

from 1902 to 2008

Between these dates, there were some 125,250 casualties recorded, of which Artificers numbered 4,432.

Engineers: 3,341

Electrical:     606

Ordnance:    371

Air:                   91

Boy:                    3

Apprentice:     77

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