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last updated: 09 June 2024


   Please report any errors or omissions by emailing

   For those of you who have already placed you name on the list and would like to add a partner

   name, please let me know


   Don't forget to let me know your menu choices are and any allergies etc.


Table 1:

761   Mark Stevens S2-M1-D1 and Leslie Esperas S2-M3-D1

S64   Nigel Fyfe S2-M1-D3 and Sue Fyfe S3-M1-D2

S55   Rod Lampen S2-M1-D2 and Ronnie Lampen S3-M3-D2


Table 2:

793   George Else S2-M1-D1 and Donna Newell S2-M1-D1

731   Tony Worsfold S2-M1-D1 and Sandra Worsfold S1-M1-D2

781   George Prior S2-M1-D2

801   David Page S2-M1-D1 and David Stanley S2-M1-D1

Table 3:

693   Paul Kirkpatrick S3-M2-D1 and Karen Kirkpatrick S3-M3-D3

713   David Setterfield S2-M1-D1 and Susan Setterfield S2-M1-D1

701   William Hetherington   S2-M1-D1 and Chris Heaver S2-M3-D3

731   Steve Woodford S2-M3-D1 and Lorraine Woodford S1-M3-D1

Table 4:

723   John Ross S2-M1-D2 and Sarah Ross S3-M2-D3

693   George Stanton S2-M1-D1 and Trish Stanton S2-M2-D2

693   John Maskell-Bott S2-M1-D1 and Sarah Maskell-Bott S2-M3-D2

773   John McCormick S2-M1-D1 and Maureen Smyth S3-M1-D3

Table 5:

S61   Kenneth Morrison S2-M2-D2 and Jane Morrison S2-M1-D2

S49   Martin Waltho   S1-M2-D2

S61   Ronald Clarke S1-M3-D1 and Angela Clarke S1-M4-D2

S62   Clive Smith S2-M1-D1 and Lynda Smith S1-M3-D3

S59   Stephen Lees 

Table 6: 

731   Lenny Marples S1-M1-D1 and Emma Holden S3-M1-D1

731   Mark Middleton S1-M1-D1

731   Stephen Walden S2-M1-D2 and Tracey Walden S3-M1-D1

731   Paul Spray S2-M2-D2 and Valerie Spray S2-M2-D2

723   Irving Campbell 

Table 7:

S61   Peter Bellamy S2-M1-D1 and Sandra Bellamy S2-M3-D2

S61   Kevin Baxter S1-M1-D1 and Deborah Baxter S1-M3-D1

S61   Christopher Harkness S2-M1-D1 and Shirley Harkness S3-M1-D2

S62   Geoffrey Samuel S2-M1-D3 and Sue Samuel S3-M1-D3

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