Expressions of Interest

last updated: 30 October 2021


   Please report any errors or omissions by emailing rnebs150@gmail.com

   For those of you who have already placed you name on the list and would like to add a partner

   name, please let me know


   Names are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Graham Althorpe   S62

Kevin Baxter   S62

Michael Beckett   S35

Peter Bellamy   S61

Graham Browster   S55

Brian Burgess   S45

Raymond Burgess   S56

Hugh Carmichael   S61

Alan Casey   ACC27

Ronald Clarke   S61

Angela Clarke

Andrew Coull   773

Elaine Cowd   

Ted Cowd   S37

Robert Draper   733

Barry Easton-Corke   S56

George Else   

Plus 1 Else   

Edward Foster   S47

Michael Foster   S46

William Foster   S25

Wilson Frazer   783

Martin Freeman   733

Nigel Fyfe   S64

Plus 1 Fyfe   

Robert Geddes   S52

David Giles   S54

Noel Gillam   753

Steven Gobey   S49

Keith Goldie   S59

George Goodings   S62

David Grant   S58

Heather Grant   

Timothy Green   S49

Kenneth Greenfield   693

David Gregory   S52

Geoff Harding   702

Karen Harding   

Chris Harkness   S61

Dave Haycocks   S49

Barry Haywood   S59

Chris Heaver   701

Plus 1 Heaver   

Jon Heley   763

Bill Hetherington   701

Tina Hetherington   

Colin Jones   S46

William Kelly   843

Karen Kirkpatrick   

Paul Kirkpatrick   693

Sid Lake   S62

Rod Lampen   S55

Plus 1 Lampen   

Jack Lawtey   721

Stephen Lees   S59

Roy Lusted   S61

Malcolm Maclean   783

Phillip Maidment   693

Stefano Mannucci   803

Paul Markwick   723

Lenny Marples   731

 Marples   plus 1

John Maskell-Bott   693

Sarah Maskell-Bott   

Ian McDonald   42

Keith McDonald   S62

Mark Mclean   743

John Miller   S61

Ken Morrison   S61

Andrew Munro   S62

David Page   801

David Page   801

Mark Palmer   841

Barry Pamplin   752

John Parker   S61

Bryan Parsons   S56

Peter Payne-Hanlon   S47

Alan Petrie   S27

Michael Phelps   S43

Martin Pickbourne   733

David Poole   9443

Di Poole   

Derek Robertson   S48

John Ross   723

Sarah Ross   

Roy Ruddick   S55

Jamie Rutherford   723

Geoff Samuel   S62

Sue Samuel   

Robert Sherrif   S55

Clive Smith   S62

Steven Southern   S61

Paul Spray   731

Val Spray   

George Stanton   693

Leslie Esperas

Mark Stevens   761

Michael Stevens   701

David Thomas   S32

Ian Thompson   753

John Tucker   782

Anthony Vaughan   S59

Martin Waltho   S49

Dave Ward   693

Gregory Webb   693

Richard Weeks   S61

Steven Woodford   731

Alan Woods   773

David Woollard   

Plus 1 Woollard   

Sandra Worsfold   

Tony Worsfold   733

Rodney Wright   S50

Sean Yates   833