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Attendance List

List updated on 24 May 2022 - now with chosen menu options

Mark Stevens S3-M1-D1 and Leslie Esperas  S3-M1-D1

Stephen Else S2-M2-D2 and Donna Newell S3-M2-D1

David Woollard S2-M2-D3 and Liz Woollard S2-M1-D3

Nigel Fyfe S2-M1-D2 and Susan Fyfe S3-M1-D3

Rod Lampen S2-M2-D1 and Ronnie Lampen S2-M1-D3

Irv Campbell S2-M1-D2

Paul Spray S2-M2-D2

Steve Woodford S3-M2-D2 and Loraine Woodford S2-M2-D2

Tony Worsfold S2-M1-D2 and Sandra Worsfold S2-M1-D2

Paul Kirkpatrick S2-M2-D2 and Karen Kirkpatrick S1-M1-D4

George Stanton S3-M2-D2 and Trish Stanton S3-M1-D2

Bill Hetherington S3-M2-D3 and Tina Hetherington S3-M2-D3

Geoffrey Harding S3-M2-D3 and Karen Harding S3-M1-D3

Graham Saunders S2-M2-D2

Keith Rowbottom S1-M2-D2

John Ross S2-M1-D2 and Sarah Ross S1-M3-D3

Chris Heaver S3-M2-D2

Martin Freeman S2-M2-D1 and Mike Jackson S3-M1-D1

David Page S3-M2-D2

Michael Beckett S2-M2-D2

Peter Payne-Hanlon S2-M2-D1 and Angela Payne-Hanlon S1-M1-D1

Rodney Wright S2-M2-D2 and Susan Wright S3-M1-D3

David Poole S3-M1-D2 and Di Poole S3-M1-D1

Robert Geddes S1-M2-D2

Stephen Lees S1-M1-D1

Martin Waltho S2-M2-D2

Ron Clarke S1-M1-D2 and Angela Clarke SX-M1-D3

Peter Bellamy S3-M2-D1

Steven Southern S2-M2-D1 and Anne Burnside S2-M3-D3

Ken Morrison S3-M1-D2

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