Table Layout &

Seating Arrangements

This photograph shows the standard layout used at Home Park used for dinners and events such as ours and this is the format that we will employ. In general we will adopt a Class/Entry/Age orientated progression of seating from the lower longest tables to the upper sets. Officially established groups will be seated together in blocks, interspersed with similar vintage Class/Entry individuals. Wherever possible we will aim to satisfy requests made during your ticket registrations for ‘oppo’ seating. Seating has been arranged by group preference first and then individual requests afterwards and then in class order thereafter where possible. 

The Seating Plan will be prominently displayed on large boards at several locations within the venue


A photographer has been engaged to take pictures during the gala dinner. The RNEBS150 Team will not be providing access to any photographs taken on the day although we will have access to all and will use them at our discretion in any forthcoming RNEBS publications and websites.

We will be setting up a website so that you can view the pictures and make your own arrangements with the photographer to purchase any pictures taken on the night. Contact details will be provided on the RNEBS150-Photos website.