Commemorative Gifts

Firing Glass

The team is pleased to announce the addition to our special dinner event of an RNEBS sponsored commemorative gift for each attendee. Each will receive an engraved Firing Glass.

These fine glasses have been sourced from the company which provides engraved glassware for presentations by the RNEBS to trainees who excel at today’s training establishments. The design combines an unusual solid base with a fine fluted design, the result being a robust and stylish glass.

Each glass will be engraved with the RNEBS crest on the front (similar to that shown in the photo) and RNEBS150 commemorative text on the back. Please note that we will not be placing individual names on the glasses. These boxed glasses will be placed at your dining place and can be used for port serving (or water/soft drink if preferred).

Spoof Challenge Coins

Spoof is a strategy game, typically played as a gambling game, often in bars and pubs where the loser buys the other participants a round of drinks.

Spoof is played by any number of players in a series of rounds. In each round the objective is to guess the aggregate number of coins held in concealment by all the players, with each player being allowed to conceal up to three coins in their hand. 

At the beginning of every round each player conceals a quantity of coins, or no coins at all, in their closed fist, extended into the circle of play. The initial player calls what they think is the total number of coins in play. Play proceeds clockwise around the circle until each player has ventured a call regarding the total number of coins, and no player can call the same total as any other player. 

After all players have made their calls, they open their fists and display their coins for the group to count the total. It is illegal for a player to open their hand without making a call. The player who has correctly guessed the total number of coins withdraws from the game and the remainder of the group proceeds to the next round. If no player guesses the total correctly, the entire group continues play in the next round. The starting player for each subsequent round is the next remaining player, clockwise from the starter of the previous round.

Play continues until all players have been eliminated except for one, whereupon that last remaining player pays the stipulated stakes to each other player. In some versions of the game additional rules are used, such as "no gloating" (a leaving player is not allowed to celebrate), or left-handed play.

Nite Alpha Diving Watch

The Alpha, with its 316L stainless steel case and bracelet, racing green sunburst dial and matching ceramic bezel is our take on the classic dive watch. With strength at its core, the Alpha pairs a Swiss-made movement with a modern-day style that is just as at home on deep dive adventures as it is on dry land. The Alpha is fitted with blue and orange T100 Tritium watch illumination technology providing a constant, self-powered glow, because when diving, being able to read the time, all the time, with certainty is a matter of survival.

The watch comprises a brushed steel case and a brushed steel bracelet. The dial diameter is 31mm and the case diameter is 42mm and 14.6mm deep. The dial is fitted with T100 Blue and Orange tritium markers and covered with a sapphire crystal and surrounded by a unidirectional ceramic bezel. The lug width is a standard 22mm. The internal workings is a battery powered Ronda 715Li movement and has a battery life of ten years. This 182g divers watch is good for 300 metres and is fitted with a screw down crown.

We have worked with the manufacturer to have the citation laser engraved on the dial. The watch and presentation box is available at the very reasonable cost of £480. There is a 2 year warranty and free UK shipping is via Royal Mail.

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing one of these British made dive watches and I can made arrangements accordingly.


There is a minimum order requirement of 5 watches, so I am looking for at least 4 others to make a purchase.

An expression of interest would do at this time (November 2021) and firm up your commitment by Feb/Mar 2022. Let me know by email here.

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